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What does abante mean? Noun. movement forward; advance. advantage in scoring; lead (over an opponent) progress; development; advance.

Welcome to Abanté

We are creatives who love design! Most of all we love to create works of art that is fit for purpose. We love puzzles like working out why your website isn't converting as well as it should. We could go on and on, so let us try to keep it short and sweet.

If you think your website could be improved. Chat with us.

We've been building websites for businesses for some time now, and we are STILL passionate about uncovering the golden ideas inside the minds of business owners.

THE BIG BANG - A Brief History into Abanté

Director, Andre Conate worked for a number of business consulting groups and realised the need for a simple process for businesses to get found online. Most of the small businesses she encountered wanted (needed) to get their websites redesigned for several reasons (mostly because it lacked direction and SEO features). A lot of businesses were aware of the growing trend of internet use as a 'service finding tool' however, most websites were made over decade ago and since then the internet has evolved and has grown to include more than just text but also videos, visual stories, soundtracks, forms, forums etc...

And so, Abanté was formed...

Abante Group was established to help small business owners create a website presence that matched bigger or enterprize type businesses.

We live in a world of possibilities, what would you do with your successful website?

Your Team

Andre Conate

Marketing Strategist

Ashley Conate

Creative Director

Passionate and driven individuals to help your business grow.

We're entrepreneurs so we know what it's like to be in business. We know how it feels to have a dream and strive for the accomplishment.

We sit with you to work out an online marketing strategy that is right for your business and budget. Whether it is redesigning your site, adding a shopping cart or increasing your online sales conversion rate, we just make it work.

The internet has become the way of the world and we want to bring small business owners alongside their "bigger" counterparts while also encouraging genuine face-to-face contact.

Get to know us...

Pay It Forward

We established our own PAY IT FORWARD FUND.

We realise we are lucky

We have been blessed with good fortune and we want to pay it forward as much as possible.  


To help people in small communities in developing countries establish their own sources of income which helps raise standards of living for their family and community.

Our goal is to provide low-income people around the world the tools and micro loans they need to succeed in their business.

We do that by offering go getting entrepreneurs small loans ($500 - $1000 AUD) to establish their business so they can provide a regular source of income for their family and community.

These entrepreneurs are people who have the passion, skills and motivation to change the future of their families and communities but do not qualify for loans from banks.

Michael, our first recipient of the Abanté Pay It Forward Fund

Meet Michael, our first recipient of the Abanté Pay It Forward Fund.

Michael is a tricycle driver who had managed to source his own tricycle. However, new laws in Palawan (Philippines) meant that he needed to have an official franchise license before he could take public clients (tourists and domestic travellers).

The licence was more than he could earn in 1 year, let alone support his family consisting of his wife and 3 children.

So, we provided the small loan to help him pay for a franchise license. He can now take all clients and provide a steady income to cover expenses and children's education.

How you can help?

If you would like to help "pay it forward", please CONTACT US. We have a number of people who would love to get the opportunity to follow their dreams but are limited to their current earning salary in the Philippines.


  • Hypoxi
  • Moonee Valley Council
  • Variety
  • Victoria One
  • The Candle Project
  • Adventures of Jago
  • The Pet Laundry
  • Elite Hoome Constructions
  • The Fair Trader
  • Hobsons Bay Council
  • Conservation Hub
  • Facility Management 1
  • Blanket Fire Protection
  • Dux Richmond Hill
  • GMA Fitness Academy
  • Engine Property Group
  • Belle Box Hill
  • Dans Martial Arts
  • Spin Coffee
  • Design Form
  • Kelly Rossi
  • Victorian Small Business Network
  • Self Defence Hub
  • Tarot In Action
  • Tarot Mastery
  • Astrology Academy
  • Biodynamic College
  • Opera 450
  • Eporo Tower
  • 661 Chapel Street
  • My Spare Key
  • Hedgeley Apartments

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We're located in Altona North and we help businesses mostly in Hobsons Bay. Our clients are locals just like you. They come from Altona, Yarraville, Williamstown, Seddon, South Kingsville, Newport, Footscray, Maribyrnong, Werribee and many others.

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